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Surprise! Behind-The-Scenes Look At One of Top Animation Shops in the Country (And Based in Oklahoma!)

Join Creative Oklahoma in learning more on animation in film from one of the top animation, design, and brand studios in the country. Based in Tulsa!

“Animation: Behind the Scenes with Signal Factory”

Tulsa FMAC presents a behind the scenes look with Signal Factory on animation in film. A live look into projects + Q&A #FilmTulsa

Signal Factory is pulling back the curtain and giving you a sneak peek inside their studio and creative process. They’ll share tips and tricks on current motion graphics and VFX tools and dive deep into projects done for Intel, Hitachi, and others. Truly, a rare and unique experience from one of the top animation, design, and brand studios in the country. They’ve promised to keep the Star Wars references to a minimum – but no promises around terrible puns.This virtual program is offered by the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture (Tulsa FMAC)!All questions can be directed to Tulsa FMAC Program Manager,
Danielle Hewitt:

About their Signal Factory Panelists

Kyle Stauffer – Chief Creative Officer

A creative renaissance man born with a camera in his hand and pixel in his heart, Kyle has a rare combination of skills not found in most creative professionals. If it involves any sort of pixel, frame, or sound wave, Kyle can tame it. He’s a multi-faceted creative director that serves as the Signal Factory creative foundation, and his big brand experience makes Signal Factory a sought-after group, regularly winning work from brands around the world. Quick with an awful GOONIES reference, an aspiring pilot, and a bit of a camera snob, Kyle’s broad experience keeps Signal Factory on the creative forefront.

Jonathan Gates – Senior Creative Director

For more than ten years, Jonathan has been strategically leading branding, messaging, and creative for large companies, small startups, and nonprofits alike. His extensive experience digging into brands, industries, and customer mindsets means he knows how to deliver the right message with the right creative to the right customers to drive results. Comfortable leading an all-day messaging workshop with clients and nerding out over typography with graphic designers, Jonathan is involved in every aspect of the creative process. Devastatingly quick-witted, eternally prepared, and uncompromisingly dedicated, Jonathan makes sure every piece of creative that leaves Signal Factory is up to snuff.

Jeremy Gassmann – Senior 3D Artist

From a very young age, Jeremy was always fascinated with special effects and figuring out how VFX in films are created. Growing up in Oklahoma it was difficult to find footholds to get started in the industry, so he embarked upon a journey of hard work and self-motivation to learn the craft. Fast forward across over a decade of making lots of mistakes, learning from them and getting connected with some seriously talented individuals, and Jeremy has solidified his place as head of the 3D department at Signal Factory.

*They will email Zoom log-in information prior to scheduled virtual panel.

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