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Locust Grove: The Wonder City

By Shaun Perkins, OCC Locust Grove


Named for a tree whose blossoms have a beautiful smell,

Home to great artists, Willard Stone and Bill Glass to name a few,

Locust Grove is a small community that we think is swell,

A place for tradition and innovation, the old and the new.


The Wonder City on the Grand River is what we were called,

And with creativity and vision, we are reclaiming that name.

A new magic shop and theater has the citizens enthralled

And Wonder City Coffee is bringing us some fame.


We’ve got great places to eat and great creeks to relax in.

We are home to champions in both sports and FFA.

The only poetry museum outside the capitol in Washington

Is right here in LG and has visitors on every day.


We find ways to solve problems and rely on our friends,

Since everyone is working and challenged by everyday things.

We are a patchwork of people, which tradition mends,

A variety of young and old, all prized for the talent they bring.


We have great schools and Pirates in them who excel

In sports and music and robotics and agriculture, to begin,

And teachers and parents who lead, win and, yes, fail,

But work to achieve skills that carry us through thick and thin.


Our town is not polished, our problems are many,

But small businesses keep opening and new doors are, too.

We are grateful for each other, for each dollar and penny

That helps us continue to plan and then follow through.


Our Creative Communities vision is a community center

Where all of our people can gather and work and play,

Make things and plan through spring, summer and winter,

And allow wonder to blossom each and every day.

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