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International Meetup Series For Creative Entrepreneurs Start March 23, 2021! 🔥

All over the world, creative entrepreneurs come up with alternative concepts or methods to get their business through the corona crisis in the best possible way. They are looking for new income or chasing smart savings, which hopefully will continue to work after the crisis. Governments alike are also looking at new ways of supporting businesses through this crisis. In this Meetup we will share some of the most innovative approaches in the DC Network regions of how creative entrepreneurs and policy makers tackled COVID-19.  The DC Network Meetup #1 will be hosted by DC Network member-region Baden-Württemberg.

Creative entrepreneurs, representatives of creative clusters, network and business support organisations, policy makers and anyone with an interest in the subject.

Moderation by
Dr. Petra Püchner (SPOC of Baden-Württemberg region / Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg)

9:00 AM (CST)
Welcome by
​​​​​​​Carlo Vuijlsteke (Districts of Creativity Network) & Thomas Schwara (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg)

9:10 AM (CST)
Inspiring creative initiatives and business models that tackle the COVID 19 crisis (10 min. each)

1: GrimFest, Denmark – New remuneration model for artists and other parties

2: WATCHAPP, Belgium – A cultural performance initiative via Whatsapp

3: Cultural Export Activity by Petersburg Concert, Russia – Initiative for promotion of cultural services

4: Pitchview – From a product for physical trade shows to an app for virtual presentations – The creative transformation of Pitchview

5: MadeBrave – MadeBravers Can Now Work from Anywhere, Forever

10:00 AM (CST)
Q&A & Networking

10:30 AM (CST)
End of Meetup


Creative Oklahoma is a statewide non-profit organization advancing Oklahoma’s economy through programs, projects and collaborative ventures that help develop a more entrepreneurial, innovation-based economy and an improved quality of life for all Oklahomans. Its mission is to develop, promote and celebrate Oklahoma’s creative solutions and innovative thinking  in education, commerce and culture.  Creative Oklahoma serves as a fiscal sponsor channeling underwriting support to the Creative Careers Oklahoma Project.  For more information, please visit


The DC Network offers participation in a robust network of economic development, education, and cultural leaders from around the world with annual regional study missions, the Creativity World Forum, a shared website, and collaborative opportunities between regions.

Founded in 2004, the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network unites 12 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world, with Oklahoma as the only representative district in North America. Our international orientation makes us a unique network of regions that put creativity and innovation high on our agendas. We believe that cross-border collaborations contribute to advance a creative and entrepreneurial culture. Therefore the DC Network was formed to foster the exchange of the best practices and experiences in business, culture and education.

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