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Creativity World Forum

What is it?

Held annually or semi-annually, the Creativity World Forum invites innovators and entrepreneurs, policymakers and business leaders, technology experts and trailblazers from around the world come together for several days of collaboration and CREATIVE COLLISIONS.

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Creativity World Forum:
The Annual Gathering of the DC Network

One of the primary collaborative projects of the Districts of Creativity Network, the annual Creativity World Forum, brings together government leaders, entrepreneurs, and knowledge institutions from the DC regions to exchange ideas about how to tackle economic challenges and make their regions hotbeds for innovation and creativity.  Ingredients include business, education and social networking. Oklahoma hosted World Forums have featured inspiring speakers like John Cleese, Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Wozniak, Sir Ken Robinson and Tom Kelley.

OKC - 2015

March 26-28, 2015 - Oklahoma provided the opportunity for its international guests to meet the organizations and key players in this booming region that hosted the 2015 Creativity World Forum only a few days later.

March 31, 2015 - Oklahoma City hosted 2015's fact-finding Reverse Mission for the Districts of Creativity. Kiplinger put Oklahoma City on its 'Great Cities for Starting a Business list' and Forbes is keeping an eye on the city when it comes to start-ups and innovation. It's certainly no coincidence that this region is a member of the Districts of Creativity Network.

Oklahoma City was honored to prepare such a one of a kind itinerary for its international guests.

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Previous Conferences

16th DC Conference in Brabant, The Netherlands 2019
15th DC Conference in Antwerp, Belgium 2018
14th DC Conference in Aarhus, Denmark 2017
13th DC Conference in Bangalore, India 2016
12th DC Conference in Oklahoma, USA 2015
11th DC Conference in Kortrijk, Belgium 2014
10th DC Conference in Tampere, Finland 2013
9th DC conference in Flanders, Belgium 2011
8th DC Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil 2012
7th DC conference in Oklahoma, USA 2010
6th DC conference in Baden–Württemberg, Germany 2009
5th DC conference in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium 2008
4th DC conference in Qingdao, China 2007
3rd DC conference in Flanders, Belgium 2006
2nd DC conference in Maryland, USA 2005
1st DC conference in Flanders, Belgium 2004


  • 2019

    Brabant, The Netherlands


    • Meloyde Blancett, Executive Director, Creative Oklahoma
    • Pageant Ferriabough, CEO, Busine$$'s Resource Unlimited, Inc.
    • Jane Jenkins, CEO, Downtown OKC Partners
    • Art Serna, Executive Director, Teach For America, Oklahoma City
    • Cheri Tatum, Tulsa Jewelry Artist and Metalsmith Instructor
  • 2018

    Antwerp, Belgium


    • Viktoria Carlson, Hoegg Software, Oklahoma City
    • Pageant Ferriabough, President & CEO, Busine$$’s Resource Unlimited, Tulsa
    • Daniel France, Actovos DHS App, Oklahoma City
    • Ava Lynn, StarSpace46, Oklahoma City
    • Susan McCalmont, President, Creative Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
    • Trenton Morgan, Student, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah
    • Charles Oppenheim, Managing Partner, The Oppenheim Group, Oklahoma City
    • Ricardo Oropeza, Graduate Student, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah 
    • Chris Shilling, Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma City
    • Douglas Sorocco, Director, Dunlap Codding, Oklahoma City
    • Jeff Yenzer, Yenzer Consulting, Oklahoma City 
    • Tommy Yi, Co-Founder, StarSpace46, Oklahoma City

    “Every year, we are excited to broaden the network of Oklahomans participating in the Creativity World Forum. These international relationships have been tremendous over the last 11 years and we can only see positive benefits for Oklahomans and their businesses.  We only expect those relationships and positive benefits for the state to grow through these meetings,” said Susan McCalmont, President of Creative Oklahoma.

  • 2017

    Aarhus, Denmark


    • John Curzon, Chair, OK Governor’s International Team & Partner, CCK Strategies; Tulsa 
    • Susan McCalmont, President, Creative OK; OKC
    • Elliott Adams, Author/speaker, “The Startup Mixtape”; OKC & San Francisco
    • Dirk Spears, CEO, Spears New Technologies & Creative OK board member; OKC
    • Chris Shillings, COO, Appable & ConFigurate; OKC/Norman Pageant Ferriabough - CEO, Business Resources & Creative OK board member; Tulsa
    • Emily Roberts, OSU professor; Stillwater Alden Klefeker – CCK Strategies; Tulsa 
    • Jane Kucko, Vice Provost for Global Education, University of Tulsa
    • Nicole Morgan, Resolute PR, Tulsa
    • Wade Bray, Oklahoma Fashion Initiative, Tulsa Tommy Yi - StarSpace 46, OKC
    • James Beach, OK Sessions, OKC & Seattle
    • Ava Pipher, StarSpace46, OKC
    • Gabriela Fonseca Pereira, Graduate Student, OSU; Stillwater

    “This collection of events designed to spur creativity and entrepreneurial growth presents a wonderful opportunity to bring together the global entrepreneurial, tech and education communities into one space,” Curzon said. “It is an honor to be able to participate in all of these events at once. We expect long-term relationships to develop which will have lasting economic benefit to the people of Oklahoma.” (John Curzon)

    “We are excited to broaden the network of Oklahomans participating in the Creativity World Forum and other events organized by our colleagues from Eindhoven.  We have seen positive impact in Oklahoma with our participation in the DC Network the last 10 years with collaborative projects, international relationships, and positive public relations for Oklahoma as a creativity and innovation destination hub.  We only expect those relationships and positive benefits for the state to grow through these meetings,” said Susan McCalmont, President of Creative Oklahoma.

  • 2015

    Oklahoma City, Ok

    Hosted by Creative Oklahoma

  • 2014

    Flanders, Belgium


    • Deirdre Myers
    • Cheryl Myers
    • Matthew Homann
    • Jonathon Stranger
    • Kelly Tran
    • Mona Vaughn
    • Chris Wylie
    • Tommy Yi
    • Douglas Sorocco
    • Christine Fisher
    • Wendy Peza
    • Susan McCalmont
    • Yves Rwandan
    • Cynthia Rolfe
    • Lisa Snell
    • Chris Shilling
    • Kyle Roberts
    • Mimi Nguyen
    • Chad Mount
    • Cayla Lewis
    • David King
    • John Kerber
    • Carter Jarett
    • Benjamin Cambell
    • Nate Bright
    • Yves Iradukunda
    • Olive Strawberry
    • Justin Briggs
  • 2010

    Oklahoma City, OK

    Hosted by Creative Oklahoma

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