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Changing the way you innovate

You got a problem? Let’s solve it, together!

Innovate or stay status quo…

How do you learn to be a unique thinker—to look at a situation, flip it on its head, and add value by seeing it differently than everybody else?  Creative problem-solving is an invaluable skill, because it’s the lifeblood of invention, progression, and solutions. Creative thinkers are the people who advance our society and find answers to lifelong problems, but they’re not unique.  Everyone has the capability to leverage their creativity—if they know how.

Enter cSchool stage left.  This specialized program teaches research-based curriculum on creativity and innovation—the fuel upon which we all rely.  The program is comprised of over 20 Oklahoma-based academicians and practitioners who run workshops about creativity.  The workshop lengths vary depending on need.  Learners can choose from tailored sessions for education, business, or community progression.

cSchool was developed from studies proving that creative growth seems most lucrative when intentionally delivered through verified methods. cSchool applies these methods, teaching attendees how to creatively problem solve and innovate in the name of a brighter future.

This groundbreaking educational series explores the following areas:

  • Recognizing, rewarding, and harnessing creativity
  • Utilizing creative strengths for real world problem-solving
  • Enhancing innovation through design thinking and prototypes
  • Using evidence-based strategy for bringing ideas to fruition

cSchool is the future of Oklahoma.  It’s the catalyst to our evolution, because our people are the force behind all positive change.  If our citizens know how to utilize creativity to preserve, enhance, and develop our state into the best place to live in the nation, then we’re not only on track—we’re reserving our VIP seat in the history books.

Our Creativity & Innovation Experts

Creative Oklahoma is blessed to have partnered with a number of experts in the fields of innovation and creativity.  Our teammates listed below provide tailored training, facilitation and problem solving across the U.S.  Each time you work through Creative Oklahoma to hire one of our partners an entrepreneur gets mentored, a creative community gets help and our state becomes more innovative because a portion of your fee supports Creative Oklahoma.

David Burkus
David Burkus David is a professor of management at Oral Roberts University and the founder of LDRLB, an online think tank that shares insights from research on leadership, innovation, and strategy. His research and writing focus on organizational creativity and innovation. Burkus earned a BA from Oral Roberts University, and an MA from the University of Oklahoma.
Kathy Goff
Kathy Goff Kathy Goff is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Vast Learning Systems, a cloud-based edtech software company that focuses on creativity assessments and brain trainings. She earned a doctorate at the University of Georgia in Adult Learning and Creativity under Dr. E. Paul Torrance, the “Father of Creativity.”
Kristy Boone
Kristy Boone Kristy Boone lives in Oklahoma City and is the Founder of Premium Impact, LLC, a sales, marketing, and event consulting service company. She currently resides on the Resource Board for BBBSOK. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Downtown OKC Lions Club and on the Advisory Council for the Cox Connects Foundation.
Scott Newman
Scott Newman Dr. Scott Newman’s diverse professional and academic backgrounds in technology, music and the social sciences have significantly influenced his work in helping organizations develop sustainable cultures of innovation. In addition, he has served as an American Council on Education Fellow, and been recognized as one of the nation’s top technology leaders by Computerworld.
Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams
Strawberry Olive
Strawberry Olive Strawberry Olive enjoys traveling along a diverse career path ranging from private health care, logistics, and education in the UK, Germany and USA. Working in organizations undergoing change and transformation, she has developed a strong background and expertise in continual process improvement including Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Creative Problem-Solving (CPSI) and ISO 9000 certification.

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