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Creative Communities: A State of Mind

By Loran Mayes, OCC – Altus

Oklahoma Creative Communities is more than meets the eye. Is it a program? Is it a project? Is it an event?  Well, here in Altus it has become a state of mind. Not only did they come in and take our “but that’s just how we do it” statements and our “but where is the money” questions and explode them, they forced us out of our comfy little-town box.  They have pushed us to reconsider who a leader actually is.  They have asked us to embrace those “sandpaper people” in our lives and communities. They have asked us to really look at the root issues and not just complain about the symptoms of those issues. And we are better because of it.

We have gone from looking for that “magic project” to make the difference to becoming the difference our community needs. Now, does this mean we throw the baby out with the bath water? Absolutely not. This process has pushed us to not only address areas of concern and needed improvements, but to really address our best attributes.  

This “US” is now more inclusive. More diverse. More Altus. AltUS Is working to really include all of US in who we are.

The process is not for the weary. It can seem daunting. You have to give up your own personal desires and plans in order to find what is truly best for the community. To join in this movement, to really become a community member that is part of the solution is to enter a state of creativity.

Our slogan has always been, Altus – A city with a future to share. It’s time to define that future.

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