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Article from NewsOK | Point of View: New perspectives can help Oklahomans with intellectual, developmental disabilities

By Wanda Felty and Ed Long


Social innovation requires that we not only look for new solutions to problems, but that we also look at the problem through multiple lenses. A new lens for viewing social challenges can offer insight into new, complementary solutions. The challenges faced by Oklahomans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families is one such area that can significantly benefit from a new perspective.

As a state, we focus a good deal of attention on improving access to services that individuals with I/DD receive based on particular medical diagnoses. Families enter a system that, due to the imbalance of resources and needs, often requires that they wait for years before the application is reviewed. Even then, they may not qualify for services. It’s critical that we continue making progress by reducing wait times and providing adequate resources to meet the demand.

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