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2019 Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors Announced

Oklahoma City — Governor Kevin Stitt will designate eight prominent Oklahomans as Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors on Monday evening,  April 8th, at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City.   

The 2019 Ambassador honorees  who will be present to receive their awards from Governor Stitt will be 

Mr. C. Kendrick Fergeson, Nationally recognized advocate for arts and arts education; Mr. Chip Fudge, Real estate visionary; Mr. Rob Lake, International grand illusionist; Mr. Mike Larsen, Contemporary Native American artist and sculptor; Mrs. Susan McCalmont, Lifetime innovation & creativity champion; Dr. Paul Silverstein, Surgical innovator for burn victims. Mr. James Austin Kerr, Actor, writer, producer will be honored as a Young Oklahoma Creativity Ambassador and The Gathering Place will receive a Creativity Award for 66.5-acre park named Best New Attraction by USA Today’s readers’ choice competition.

“Each of these award winners are manifestations of how creative thinking has led to innovation which has improved our state in immeasurable ways,” said Meloyde Blancett, Executive Director of Creative Oklahoma. “If our state is to be a leader in education, business and culture we must do more to perpetuate creativity and reject the default of ‘business as usual.’ This is what we seek to do at Creative Oklahoma.”

Creative Oklahoma was founded in 2006 with the goal to develop, promote and celebrate Oklahoma’s creativity and innovation in education, commerce and culture. The Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors Gala promotes and celebrates that mission by honoring the work and contributions of those individuals who are among the state’s most creative leaders. This event also supports programs of Creative Oklahoma including the Oklahoma Creative Communities, the Districts of Creativity Network, and the new MIT-affiliated Oklahoma Entrepreneur Mentoring Program (OKEMP), to advance creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Oklahoma schools, workplaces, and communities. 

The  Oklahoma Venture Mentoring Program (OKEMP), an outreach program of MIT,  fills a void in the Oklahoma entrepreneurial ecosystem which will match up aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced, successful business leaders and teams. The Oklahoma Creative Communities initiative provides research-based creative problem solving training and support for citizens in nine Oklahoma communities as they develop and implement their ideas to improve quality of life and the economy in their towns

Former Oklahoma Creativity Ambassador inductees encompass a wide-ranging list of the state’s creative talent including Blake Shelton, Sam Presti, Toby Keith, Leona Mitchell, Bart Conner, John Herrington, B.J. Thomas and Hanson.

Honorees will receive the designation of Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors from Governor Kevin Stittt at the Gala event scheduled for Monday, April 8th at the Civic Center Music Hall. Burns Hargis will make remarks during the evening. Alex Cameron will be the host of the evening. Tickets and sponsorship information can be found on the Creative Oklahoma website at or by contacting Stéphanie Coderre Porras by email at  The media is invited to attend.

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